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Who are you? 
I'm a person. I work as a designer and illustrator. 

When do your prints ship?
I try to ship out prints the weekend after they have been ordered.

What is Venom in Denim?
It's a thing I do with my time. You can check it out here: Venom in Denim.

Wow—that's kind of dumb...
Well, they can't all be winners. 

What are Rulebooks?
Rulebooks is an ongoing series I'm making that use programmatic rules and conditional design to create letterpress prints self-contained in books. With any luck Rulebooks will be in the shop by early 2017.

Do you take commissions? 
I'd love to. You can reach out to me via email. hello@brandonalvarado.me

For more information you can view my site at: